_MCP,_Microsoft_Specialist Test Exam Questions

o that Song Qi is a hideous escape. Kick me kick the reward of silver twenty two, hit me a stick reward of silver 42. Song Qi and re application of technology, the incentive scheme put out. He did so not because he flesh itch, but want the brothers to use real skills. Those Jia Ding looked at each other, it is quite hesitant, because they know the intensity of the stick more powerful than the fist. This solid stick down, Song Qi will certainly be injured, they have to reward silver, how can it be justified Song MCP, Microsoft Specialist brother said to do Mao Yong majestic voice sounded from the tea pavilion. Those Jia Ding had to do so, sticks whirring winds from all directions to Song Qi hit. Song Qi Although they are encouraged to drop their own, but he will not be foolishly standing there beaten. In the face of those who hit the stick, he was in the middle of the gap between the stick and stick to avoid, before and after the shuttle, the body was hit by Microsoft Certification a stick in succession. Song Qi surprised to find his body can be affected by the stick, he knew that those brothers in the fall when the stick to reduce the MCP, Microsoft Specialist it exam force. About three sticks of incense about the time, Song Qi eventually.

Exam CodeExam NameVendorCertifications
70-532 Developing Microsoft Azure Solutions Microsoft MCP, Microsoft Specialist
70-533 Implementing Microsoft Azure Infrastructure Solutions Microsoft MCP, Microsoft Specialist
74-697 OEM Preinstallation Microsoft MCP, Microsoft Specialist