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Chapter 597 Song Qi explore the treasure Song Qi with Mao Yong and two myself out in the Qiantang City cruise for a long time, every person will ask, all the way to inquire the location of The Certified Administrator it exam the address of the Xing Shan. do not know. Only heard off Wu Shan, never heard off the Star. There is no mountain Inquire about the results of surprise to Song Qi is not small, Qiantang City, almost no one knows where Xingshan. Indeed, in the minds of Song Qi, there is no impression of the Xingshan. Does not exist in this mountain But the secret map Salesforce Certification clearly marked Qiantang down Xing Shan, Ming Zhu public can not lie to me. If there is no falling Star Hill, or can The Certified Administrator not find the Star Xingshan, then hidden in the inside of gold and silver is equal to a picture cake, alas, it seems I am empty happy a. Song Qi felt empty heart, depressed and listlessly go back. Is not to say that no word to solve doubts Song Qi mind flashed a flash, whim. Back to Tak Yin House, Song Qi from the inside out of the ring that no support word bamboo sticks, pray for heaven Song Qi disciples, due to Wei Wei revenge, you need to take out the possession of the Silver Star in the fall of Xingshan , The.

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