Hyarima was born in the early 17th century in “Arauca” (Arouca). He was of the Nepuyo tribe which was a sub-tribe of the Carinepogoto people, later identified as the Caribs. Hyarima became a warrior and a great leader- Cacique (war-chief) -of the indigenous people of Trinidad. Around 1625 he escaped from slavery and took to the hills of Arima and away from the control of the Spanish. Hyarima devoted his life to protecting his people and their ancestral lands from the European colonizers and also to preserving their customs and cultures. He led many successful revolts. HYARIMA the statue, is located in the heart of Arima at Hollis Avenue, Arima. It is said that Hyarima derived his name from the settlement “Arima” as it was customary for the Araucan tribe to name their elected chieftains after their settlements or villages.

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